PB & Honey Banana "Oatmeal"-( Dairy & Gluten Free)

PB & Honey Banana "Oatmeal"-( Dairy & Gluten Free)

What we love most about our bars (besides being delicious) is that they are super versatile. This protein packed "oatmeal" is simple and filling. We have swapped out standard oats and used our nutrient dense peanut butter & honey bars.  They are packed with powerful ingredients such as: organic peanut butter, organic honey, and organic crisp quinoa. This filling breakfast will help provide you clean fuel for the day! This recipe provides over 20 grams of plant protein




Crumble up 2 PB Honey Super Pop bars and place in mug. Add in non-dairy milk. Mix well. Microwave for 60 seconds. Mix again well and let sit for a minute. Top off with banana or any other fruit! Enjoy! 

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I can’t digest oats. The only way I eat oatmeal now!!


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