Not All Bars Are Created Equal!

Not All Bars Are Created Equal!



We all know there are TONS of snack bars on the market. In the last few years there has been many fad diets (paleo, keto, no sugar, etc). Here at Super Pop we stay true to our values of creating a healthy and nutritious snack the whole family can enjoy that is free from gluten, soy, dairy, fiber syrups and sugar alcohols. 

Our bars are packed with REAL FOOD and use unrefined whole food sweeteners and plant based protein. Many bars on the market now are using fiber syrup sweeteners (chicory root fiber, tapioca fiber, etc) to lower the sugar count and whey protein as the base of their bar to increase the protein. Fiber syrups are known to cause stomach upset and increase blood sugar. Too much whey protein can cause a product to become chalky and dry. This results in a bar that has bad aftertaste and bad texture. 


The base of our bars are nut butter. We then add crispy quinoa and delicious all natural low glycemic sweeteners such as organic honey and tapioca.  This creates an amazing snacking experience that is filling and nutritious.  We will never jump on the "sugar free" train! It's all about real food. 

Super Pop is not Fad. We are here to stay and hope to continue to nourish you with delicious nut butter bars that many say taste like dessert. 




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