Why You Need Super Pop In Your Pantry!

Why You Need Super Pop In Your Pantry!


Everyone has routines throughout their day. We here at Super Pop created our bars to “raise the bar” on your routines and mood throughout the day. They pair perfectly with your morning coffee, great to crumble on your ice cream or yogurt for an added protein treat and as post workout fuel. 

It is truly the snack bar that stands on its own, mixes with anything and allows you to Snack Powerfully.

Check out the below examples of how to incorporate our delicious bars Monday To Friday! 

How would you use Super Pop in your daily routine? 

MONDAY: Snack on a Peanut Butter & Honey bar post workout! With 10 grams of plant based protein, it will help with post workout recovery and fill you up. 

TUESDAY: Add a Peanut Butter & Chocolate bar to yogurt, ice cream or make a parfait! 

WEDNESDAY: Have a Almond Blueberry bar with a nice glass of ice tea mid-morning. 

THURSDAY: Add a Almond Chocolate bar into a fun homemade healthy dessert  like this chocolate mug cake recipe. 

FRIDAY: Enjoy our Churro bar with a nice latte or coffee. Some fans even dip the bar in for extra deliciousness. 
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