Are There Chemicals On Your Almonds?

Are There Chemicals On Your Almonds?

Did you know that In 2007 California passed law that requires food processors to pasteurize almonds. This was due to a string of salmonella outbreaks in the early 2000's.

Currently there are two main methods being used to pasteurize almonds. One uses steam to sanitize the nuts, while the other uses the chemical propylene oxide, aka PPO, which is considered a possible carcinogen. Most conventional almond growers pasteurize their almonds using PPO.

While PPO passes FDA safety guidelines, we feel that added chemicals are not necessarily ideal for consumption. That's why we choose to source our almonds that are steamed and have no PPO. You can rest assured the almonds we use in our creamy, all-natural almond butter is pure and delicious. 


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